Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Astrophysics / Planetary sciences @ IRAP


Aurélien Stcherbinine

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Oct. 2018 – Sept. 2021
PhD thesis in Astrophysics "Study of Martian aqueous signatures by infrared spectroscopy: from clouds to polar regions alteration"
Paris-Saclay University, IAS / LATMOS, France
Sept. 2015 – June 2018
3rd year of BSC – 1st year of MSC, with honours
2nd year of MSC Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Engineering – section Astronomy & Astrophysics, with honours
Magistère of Fundamental Physics, with honours
Paris-Sud XI University, 91400 Orsay, France
Paris Observatory, 75014 Paris, France
Sept. 2013 – June 2015
Preparatory classes: two-year undergraduate intensive and highly selective courses in mathematics and physics to prepare national competitive exams for admission to French Engineering Schools, section MPSI / MP (Computer science)
Lycée Joffre, 34060 Montpellier, France
July 2013
Science Baccalauréat, English-language European section, with honours
Lycée Georges Pompidou, 34170 Castelnau-le-Lez, France


Dec. 2023 – présent
CNES Postdoctoral Research Fellow, IRAP (Toulouse, France)
  • Study of Martian aerosols through IR spectroscopy with the SuperCam instrument onboard the Perseverance rover.
  • Participation in operations.
Jan. 2022 – Nov. 2023
Logo NAU
Postdoctoral Research Scholar, NAU, Dept. of Astronomy and Planetary Science (Flagstaff, USA)
  • Analysis of orbital observations provided by the EMM "HOPE" probe orbiter to study the Mareian surface and atmosphere.
Oct. 2021 – Dec. 2021
Postdoctoral researcher, LATMOS (Guyancourt, France)
  • Analysis of IR observations provided by the ACS instrument to study the Martian water ice clouds.
Oct. 2018 – Sept. 2021
Logo Université Paris-Saclay Logo LATMOS Logo IAS
PhD student in astrophysics, Université Paris-Saclay, IAS (Orsay, France) / LATMOS (Guyancourt, France)
  • Spectral identification and characterization of the Martian water-related mineralogy using IR hyperspectral data from the OMEGA instrument, and Martian water ice clouds with IR Solar Occultation observations from the ACS instrument, over larges datasets of hundreds (ACS) to thousands (OMEGA) of observations.
  • Development of the OMEGA-Py Python module: importation, correction and interactive display of data from the OMEGA instrument (https://astcherbinine.github.io/omegapy).
  • Member of the local organizing committee of the Elbereth Conference 2020 & 2021.
Oct. 2018 – Sept. 2021
Logo Université Paris-Saclay
Junior lecturer, Université Paris-Saclay, Physics department (Orsay, France)
  • Physics class / tutorials & practical class to Bachelors and Masters students.
  • Co-manager of the observational astrophysics practical class for Masters students in 2020.
Apr. 2018 – June 2018
Logo IAS
Research internship, IAS (Orsay, France)
  • Study of stellar magnetism and implementation of an automatized spot modeling algorithm on stellar light curves using a MCMC method.
May 2017 – July 2017
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Research internship, MPS (Göttingen, Germany)
  • Study of the combined effect of tidal dissipation and stellar winds in exoplanetary systems, with comparison of observations to the results of a simulation code.
June 2016 – July 2017
Logo IAS
Research internship, IAS (Orsay, France)
  • Analyzis of imaging and spectroscopy data from Mars and implementation of a statistic study.


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